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GlobalFlix and ginfilm are partnering: GlobalFlix was founded with the mission to bring together top award-winning emerging talent from around the world including the Americas, Europe,South East Asia and African regions – storytellers, scriptwriters, directors, creative producers, 3d and 2d animation and visual FX studios and XR/gaming developers. GlobalFlix is an ecosystem from beginning of creation to enablement to distribution and monetization. GlobalFlix is also an authorized International Producer & and Sales Representative. Ginfilm production Malta & Germany was founded in 2016.Producer & Head of Development Virginia Schmidt is not only responsible for securing the productions, but also attaches great importance to the development of series and films. Our work ranges from feature films to television and theatrical documentaries, inside Ginfilm owns Gincast Casting Agency, which was founded in 2010 and is based near Stuttgart, Germany. We cast major national and international films,commercials, trails, digital, print and TV projects of all sizes and genres. gin cast Casting Agency has an extensive list of casting credits. We offer a complete, creative, hands-on talent sourcing service for your projects.